Event Production

In most of the bands that I’m active in, I have a lot of responsibility for the administration of the band – handling the economy, booking gigs, handling web pages and social media etc. I also do a lot of administrative work in my position as Course director of the Folk and World music program at the Academy of Music in Malmö. Where I also teach the course “Music As a Profession” at the performance program.

Sometimes, I also work as producer of cultural events – preferably, but not necessarily, where I’m also involved as an artist.

Among the projects I’ve been producing are:

  • A concert with Ale Möller Band and all the students of Kristianstad Music school
  • A school concert week with Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Mats Edén, Tania Naranjo and myself.
  • The concert series “Baghdad Sessions” at Moriska Paviljongen.

Feel free to contact me if you need a producer of a cultural event – though I may ask to also be performing in it to take the job :-)