Writing music is actually the only thing which I like just as much as playing. I have several years of education and training in it, and I have written music for all sorts of ensembles, both in a more “folky” way with lots of freedom for the individual musician, and in a more classical way, where everything is notated.
Some of my larger composition tasks have been for the European Youth Folk Orchestra, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, The Symphonic Band of the Swedish Marine, The Folk Orchestra of Plovdiv Academy of Music in Bulgaria, and Lund University Male Choir. I have also written and arranged theatre and dance music.

Below, you will soon be able to search among the more “notated” music that I have composed/arranged. Some of the music I have written is deposited at the Swedish Music Information centre, and you can order the material from there. The other material can be ordered directly from me by writing a mail telling me what you want.