Green Soul band


School concerts and projects, family concerts

All of my bands have experiences of performing for young audiences, in the form of concerts in schools, and public family concerts. They can also do interactive concert parts where the audience gets involved, and different forms of arts projects where school children become involved in the creative process. I also often do solo performances and projects with school children. I have a child with a mental disability, so I’m very used to and interested in working with such children as well.

A composer visits the classroom!

This is a project where I visit a school class, and create music together with them, that I then record with my portable studio equipment. The pupils take part in the recording work. The project is very flexible, and can be adapted to different age groups, themes and circumstances. Below, you can listen to some samples of such projects that I’ve done.

Composer in the Classroom 2020 – students from grade 5 in Skurup

Every class got a theme, based on what they were working with in school right then. Starting from that, and with some input from the pupils, I created and recorded a song. I also recorded some stuff in the classroom with the pupils that I could use in the song. The mix was really exciting!

The project took place in the middle of the Corona pandemic. During spring 2020 I could visit most of the classes and record them on location. But during September it was not possible to visit schools, so I had to do my second visit online, and two classes I did not get the chance to meet IRL at all. A challenge indeed, but we solved it!

The project has it’s own site, where you can listen to all of the music! (Text in Swedish only).  Click here to go there!. Below, you can listen to a sample from class 5 A at Prästamosseskolan.

“Mattelåten”, Prästamosseskolan class 5 A

The walls awaken – pupils from 9th grade in Kristianstad created music together with me, based on inspiration from buildings in their local environment

DEGEBERGA SCHOOL: “Chicago”, a tune inspired by the so called Baltic house.

TOLLARP SCOOL – music inspired by the history of the old train stables in Tollarp.

“The Tollarp polka”

“The Mechanical Evil”

SCHOOLS OF ÅHUS  – Music inspired by the history of Åhus Castle.


“We’re Shoveling Sand”

Thoughts and Tunes of Free Birds – pupils from grade 3-5 in Staffanstorp created music and arts for an exhibition.

Year 3 A: “Alma the Albatross”

Year 3 B: “The Blue Crow of Queen Kristina”

Year 4 A: “The Pencil Orchestra of the Swallows”

Year 5 A: “Boris and Katerina”