Church music

parvilliekyrka2Several of my concert programs are very suitable for performing in churches, both in connection with religious services and as regular concerts. I also do performances as a soloist in churches, accompanied by the local church musician, playing the repertoir that is asked for.

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Möte i Mixturen

[audio: 1.-Hal-Asmar-Allon.mp3, 3.-Fabodpsalm-fran-Torsang.mp3, 4.-Ciacona-av-Buxtehude.mp3]

“Möte i Mixturen” is a concert program and a meeting between the folk musician and saxophone player Pär Moberg, and the organ player and professor in artistic research  Karin Johansson, both active at the academy of music in Malmö, Sweden. In this program, Swedish, Arabic and Jewish folk music meet gigants of the organ repertoire such as Couperin and Buxtehude. Together they experiment with the possibilities and sounds of their respective instruments and traditions. Above, you can hear some pieces from a concert in Malmö, Sweden in the summer of 2016.